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Mod diseñado para optimizar Minecraft modificado.

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    Enable alwaysSetupTerrainOffThread in forge.cfg. (Since 0.6.3, FoamFix will automatically do this for you on new instances!)
    Install BetterFPS - it optimizes other areas of Minecraft not targetted by FoamFix.
    If you're experiencing "ghost chunk loading"-related lag (a noticeable lag spike every ~30 seconds), a way to partially work around the problem is to increase the value of dormantChunkCacheSize in forgeChunkLoading.cfg.
    For some GPU/driver configurations, disabling mipmaps (setting Mipmap Levels to 0) will boost FPS considerably. This is due to lag caused by animated texture updates being much higher with increasing amounts of textures to update, which scales linearly with the amount of mipmap levels. Since 0.6.3, FoamFix sets the setting as default on new instances.
    On dedicated servers, setting max-tick-time=0 can solve crashes related to "java.lang.Error: Watching server". Still looking into why this happens!