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Battlefield 2 mapload-delayer
« en: 02 de Agosto de 2016 a las 12:43 »
Battlefield 2 mapload-delayer

BF2mld es un temporizador para la carga de mapas de Battlefield 2. It artificially delays (slows down) the mapload of the BF2-client.
Si BF2-cliente carga el mapa más rápido que el BF2-servidor, el jugador es kikeado del servidor mostrando el mensaje "This server allows players with unmodified content to join."
Usually players “Alt+Tab” from BF2 so that Windows withdraws resources from the BF2-process to delay the mapload. But sometimes this is not working correctly and it also is not working if players play BF2 in windowed-mode (i.e. do not play in fullscreen).
This is what BF2mld is for: it provides a more reliable and comfortable way of artificially delaying the mapload so that players do not get kicked.
BF2mld is designed to run in the background, even if the BF2-client is not running. As soon as the BF2-client is started, BF2mld will watch for mapchanges and delay them according to the configuration.

BF2mld was alpha-tested by a few people but it's still possible that it contains bugs. BF2mld does not need an internet-connection (works in LAN as well), probably works for mods too (not tested) and does not alter any BF2-files (thus does not influence the stability of BF2).

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